Glittering your world one finger at a time

About The Glitter Palace LLC:

              We're Glittering the world one finger at a time.

The Glitter Palace LLC is located at 2434 Loma Vista Dr. Sacramento Ca 95825   

We are a small individually owned glitter boutique & nail art supply open to the professional as well as the general public. We carry raw glitter in all shapes & sizes & also in- house, custom created glitter mixes as well as all other types of nail art.  All of our glitter & glitter mixes are guaranteed to have the highest quality color & shine.  Glitters  are solvent resistant & wont bleed in acrylic or gel applications unless noted on the specific color., but we don't recommend using for polish making.   We also have 3d charms & molds, femo canes, rhinestones,  nail art inserts, spikes & studs, stamping plates, nail polish, art pens, & more items than I can possibly list....If you don't see what your looking for please ask and I might be able to find it for you. 

Examples for uses of our glitters:   Nail art, crafts, hair glitter, body glitter, festival glitter, glitter nails, art projects and so much more.

About The Glitter Girl

Now let me introduce myself..... My name is Kristal & I am THE GLITTER GIRL. I am the Queen of glitter.    I am a licensed nail tech and pedicure specialist but I wouldn't really call it that because what I do is so much more. I absolutely love doing theme sets and doing all different kinds of nail art.   I was always on the look out for new and exciting things to put on my clients nails.   So with my love and passion for anything that is sparkly and shiny  and my desire to have all the latest and greatest nail goodies for my clients; The Glitter Palace LLC was born.  I hope you love what we have created for you and if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me personally, and I would be glad to help.